Opening Night at the Pavilion

Headed into last night, I really had butterflies going into the season, for the first time in a long time, maybe since my first show back in 2011. I was anxious, bordering on nervous. So I was quite relieved to get to Saturday afternoon and get my 8th season underway. I punched in at "Jack's Shack", and made my way across the venue, just as Mondo Cosmo was starting their sound check. I was tempted to stop and soak it in for a moment, but knowing the deal, and knowing that I'm the veteran photog on staff, there would be no soaking in. I pushed my emotions, which seem to be running pretty close to the surface these days, down and headed to the new location to call home base.


I said hello to the assembled yellow and black shirts, as well and the rest of my Meadowbrook family that was there, and went out to do take some tailgating pics. That was a lot of fun, meeting some new kids, as well as some old friends. It wasn't long before I would be back inside, shooting the show. 

Opening night is always a long night. It's great to catch up with the Meadowbrookers that I haven't seen since last year. Last night was no exception. I started at second stage, shooting the band there, and made my way to the main stage. A half hour later, I was in. If you've never been there, it's maybe 200 yards from the second stage to the main entrance of the pavilion. That gives you and idea how many times I am stopped by old friends to say hello. It's really may favorite show of the season, regardless of who's on stage. 

Speaking of which, headliner Vance Joy put on a nice show, and I have selected a couple of shots that I liked. Rascal Flatts tonight, followed up by Dave Matthews, Poison and Cheap Trick, and the LSD tour with Dwight Yoakam headlining. That's just the first week! Gonna be a fun summer, so I look forward to seeing you there! 

Vance Joy