Corporate Branding, here ya go!

So, when Kaela and I did our low key portrait session, I asked her if she'd model my ladies tank top. Being the good sport she is, she jumped at it quickly. 


A little back story first. I did my first boudoir session a number of years ago. My daughter and her friends came over, and naturally, they wanted to see the pictures. So, I set it up so they could view them on the 55" TV. There's a group of her friends that we affectionately refer to as "The Gays". There's three guys that really fall all over Rebecca, and love her a lot. They are great. They've figured out that if you're good to my daughter, I will like you just fine, unlike some of the guys she's dated. 

I digress. 

We got to one particular shot and one of the boys yells "Yaaass Queen!!!" A couple of shots later he's yelling "YAAAS SLAY BITCH!!" These shots are on my website, so it's not like I am speaking out of turn. Anyway, a few months goes by, and I am recapping this story to Kiera, and she's howling with laughter. She says I should use this in marketing somehow. So we get talking about it, and we come up with tank tops for my lady clients, with my hashtag #teamstp, which you have seen on other social media. On the back of my tanks, it says "YAAAS QUEEN". Fun right? 

Back to Kaela. She's modeling the tank for me, and we are busting on each other, and she flips me off. Well, naturally, I love it. To me, this is what I do. I shoot rock stars. I shoot pretty girls, sometimes in their underwear. A big old middle finger is a great corporate image for me. Because when it comes right down to it, everyone wishes they could do it, too. 

And, yes, I have a limited number in inventory for sale.