Steve Pouliot

Like a great many of my colleagues, I discovered my love of photography in high school. I started dabbling in weddings in my 20's, but fell out of love with it. I kept my gear, and took and handful of gigs shooting live music, and found I really,  REALLY loved it. A friend asked me to shoot a gig at Bank of NH Pavilion, and I had a blast. I took hundreds, if not thousands, of shots. We got one, just one, that was a "wow" photograph. It was that one shot that got me back into this for real. 

Bank of NH Pavilion called and offered me a position as house photographer, I spent maybe a second debating it before I accepted. This was a great opportunity to shoot live music without having to go on the road. Here, the road came to me. This position challenged me to become a much better photog in a very short time. Through this position, I have met many other photographers that I have learned from. I've met some amazing, talented people, and, yes, the job is as cool as you'd think it is. 

I am always striving to become a better photographer. I believe I have just begun to scratch the surface of what I can do as an artist. I'm always studying techniques to try to get better.

My wife Angela and I make our home in Gilford NH. She accompanies me to many shoots, and has become quite an accomplished photographer herself. She has over 20 years experience as a professional artist, and has a very keen eye for the artistic qualities in shots. I couldn't do what I do without her, we make a pretty good team.  We have two grown children that we are very proud of, I take every opportunity to thank God that he's blessed us with such great kids.