Cyber Monday 10% Off and Free Shipping All In Stock Prints


I am offering Cyber Monday deals on my in stock inventory. Take 10% off all my in stock prints, plus get free shipping. In stock, I currently have:

  • On The Hunt, a limited edition, one of six. This is the hunting bald eagle, on mettalic, framed with an antique white mat and an American tradtional style frame.

  • The Hunting Bald Eagle print is an 11x14 photograph, mounted on masonite and matted to 16x20. The frame, created made by a NH craftsman, hand aged to resemble a rustic finish and is unique to each mounting. 

  • The Great Gray Owl on a fence, a magnificent bird rarely seen in NH, was recently photographed in the western part of the state. The "Great Gray Owl on a Fence" is an 8x10 print, printed on Fuji deep matte paper. The print is matted to 11x14, and framed in a rustic wood frame.

  • The Great Gray Owl, a magnificent bird rarely seen in NH, was recently photographed in the western part of the state. The "Great Gray Owl" is an 8x10 print, printed on Fuji deep matte paper. The print is matted to 11x14, and framed in a rustic wood frame. 

  • Mother Loon with Chicks is a 16x20 canvas, mounted on mounted on a 1" stretcher frame. Can be hung as is or framed in a frame of your choosing.

  • Saltmarsh Lily is illuminated thru the tress and reflected on the water of Saltmarsh Pond in Gilford NH. It is an 11x14 color print on metallic paper, double matted with ivory and yellow, and finished off in a gorgeous rustic barnboard frame. 

  • Boston at Sunrise is a 16x24 acrylic of The Hancock Tower, taken from the Westin Copley, at dawn. No framing need on this, the piece comes with metal standoffs to aid in mounting.

  • Dandelion Head in Black and White. 8x10, black and white, printed with matte finish. Framed in a contemporary black frame with a single cut white mat. 

Email me at for your coupon code.

Unique Boudoir Sessions Available On Location In Boston


I am offering a very unique, one of a kind boudoir session in Boston the first weekend in December. I have booked a hotel suite in Boston, with gorgeous views of the Boston Skyline out one side, and breathtaking views of the Charles River out the other.

You will have a minimum of a two hour session, where you’ll be pampered by my team, and then photographed in an elegant, alluring, and tasteful manner, with shots of you with the Boston night skyline visible in the background. You can select one of three packages, one for every budget. Each package will include an online, password protected proof gallery where you can pick from your images.


I am super excited to offer this one of a kind experience December 1-2. This is great for the woman who wants to have a unique Christmas gift for the special someone. Our leather bound albums are an elegant keepsake that you will cherish forever. This is also a great opportunity for a model who wants some breathtaking images for her portfolio.

Sessions are extremely limited. Once they are gone, there’s not going to be another opportunuty to reschedule. Book your session now.

Boudoir: A Woman's Point Of View

high key boudoir
black and white boudoir

My friend Kaela raved how much she enjoyed her shoot with my team. “Oh my god, Steve-o, that was so much fun! When can we do it again?” Anytime you want was my answer, but that’s not where I am going with this. I asked her to write something for the blog, a woman’s point of view on why would anyone want to do boudoir. She said she would, and after a little pestering by me, she sent this over. So, without further adieu, I will turn my blog over to Kaela. Here you go.

“Boudoir was something that I had never considered doing before I met Steve. When he first presented me with the idea, I was a bit skeptical. Over the course of a few weeks, we chatted back and forth, looking at different poses and styles of lighting, trying to figure out what would work best and what I liked. After going back and forth, I decided I would give it a shot. I honestly couldn’t be happier I agreed to shoot boudoir with his team. What I thought was going to be an uncomfortable and nerve wracking shoot ended up being the most fun experience I’ve had in a while. Steve and his team are so encouraging, always reminding you how beautiful you look and making sure you are comfortable.

Something I really enjoyed was how involved his wife Angie is with the shoots. She always throws out these brilliant ideas that turn into amazing photos. his make up artist, Kiera, is a trip and always has us laughing. Being someone who never wears makeup, she dolled me all up and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more beautiful. All in all, Steve has a knack for creating the most beautiful photos and his vision is truly one of a kind. I couldn’t be happier to have been offered the time to work with him. I can’t wait to do more!!“

STP40104 logo.jpg

Working with Holly

Someone asked me recently “How do you meet these models you shoot?” The standard answer is through social media. I met Holly thru Instagram. She happened to like one of my smoke shots of Delaney from this summer. I reached out, crept on her profile, and we opened a dialogue. After a little bit, we set a date to shoot.

My smoke sessions are fairly labor intensive. Angie helps me with lighting, as she does on most shoots. My buddy Clem handles the pyrotechnics. He gets what I am trying to do artistically, so I value his input and trust him to help make the models look good. Posing and wardrobe is generally up to the model. Holly brought some ideas to the table on that front, I trusted her experience in that area.

Holly is professional. She never stops moving. She’s not afraid to try new things, she’s open to new ideas, and she’s got balls the size of Texas. She’s a lot of fun to shoot, and even more fun to spend time with. We all shared a whole bunch of laughs the day we did her smoke bomb session.

I’ve picked a fresh edit to share with you folks here on the blog. There’s more on my Instagram, and I am pretty sure Holly has more on hers. She’s on instagram at h.monroe_model. I look forward to shooting with her in Boston on December 2.

I still have a couple openings on December 1. This is a great opportunity for killer images for your portfolio or as a gift for that special honey in your life.

sexy photo

Angie's Original Vision for the Angel Of Music

“Honey, I have an idea. Put her on the piano. Laying down on the top. Have her drape her arm down the side, towards the keys. Have her bend her knee, so her tattoo is clearly in view. then, have her hair cascade down. Do you think it will work?” ~Angie

It wasn’t hard for me to see where Angie was going with it. The discussion was really what to have Kaela wear. We started with a little black baby doll thing we had in our lingerie collection for boudoir clients, which really didn’t flatter her. I said “What else you got?” Kaela made a face and said “not much”. We decided on a sheer nightshirt that we had, to go with bra and panties she brought with her.

We had her climb up on the piano, and it was clear that the backdrop was going to be needed if I was to stick with the low key lighting vision in my head. There was far too much light in the room, and the room was too small for me to just close up the aperture and stop down the f-stop, there would be too much light pollution. So, we wrapped up Kaela in something warm and set up the backdrop.

We tried a couple other poses before getting to Angie’s original idea, and, clearly, that was the way to pose her. So we got the shot, and we tried a few more poses as well. We really didn’t review the images right off, we went on to another shoot, with another client, who was just about finished in make up.

After a few hours, we all had a chance to review the images. To say we were all stunned is an understatement. My team had delivered a killer shot. Kiera supplied the make up, Angie’s had the vision, and Kaela was brave enough to pose in something that, just two weeks prior, she would not have wanted me to see her in. (An aside: one of my first clients was a friend as well. Her logic was that “I wear less on the beach than this. This is no big deal.”) All I had to do was press the shutter.

Days later, I am editing the picture, just before my daughter came up with the Angel of Music title. I am raving about how nice it is. Texting back and forth with Kaela, and I am gushing how nice it is. I ask her if she’s thinks it would be weird if I put on the wall in my home office. She says she’d be honored. It arrived today, 20x30, and it is gorgeous.

I am grateful to my #teamstp for helping me make what I think is the nicest picture I have ever taken.

Angel of Music

Kaela and the Angel of Music

My friend Kaela recently gave her notice at work. I was very disappointed. She’s very good at what she does. She’s a pit bull that takes no sh*t from anyone. She was my right hand at work and I think her size 7s will be very hard to fill.

So two or three days after she gave her notice, Kaela sits at my desk, with that sh*t-eatin’ grin on her face. “So Steve-o…” she says. I can read my friend Kaela like a book, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out what she wanted. I took a shot.

“Let me guess. Now that we aren’t working together, you wanna shoot something sexier?”

She grinned and wants to talk about dates on the calendar. Fast forward to a recent shoot. After shooting some boudoir, my wife Angie has the great vision to put Kaela on our piano, scantily clad, and take some low key lighting shots.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I edit up a couple pics, but I don’t post them. Mind you, I love them. I think they are the nicest images I have ever shot. Ever. I am grateful to my team for helping me produce these wonderful works of art, but I don’t share them. Instead, I am hanging on to them like they are gold. Like the winning Mega Millions ticket. After talking to a couple other photographers, I decide that I am not going to generate any business if I am hanging on to these on not letting anyone see them, so, reluctantly, I am sharing my babies with the world.

I am talking to my daughter, who is in Florida, and I share the Piano Pictures, as I have taken to calling them. She’s blown away. She says “Dad, she’s like the angel of music. You know, from Phantom of The Opera?”

Mind Blown. Kaela is the Angel of Music.

So, with that, I proudly give you the first in a series titled “Angel of Music".


Austin's Senior Photos

Disclaimer: I am liable to offend a few folks with this one.

There’s certain photo cliches when it comes to portraits that I would rather not shoot. Among them are:

  • The rock band in front of a brick wall. Lame, and it’s actually a thing. Don’t believe me? Go google it.

  • The pretty girl/model on train tracks. Is she a damsel in distress? Why is she there? Bonus cliche points if she’s half naked.

  • And my all time least favorite: The senior photo leaning against the tree.

Evidence that I have indeed shot the dreaded senior photo against the tree. Note the unibomber creeper hoodie. I think it adds to the effect.

Evidence that I have indeed shot the dreaded senior photo against the tree. Note the unibomber creeper hoodie. I think it adds to the effect.

Now, I get there’s a whole bunch of moms out there that love this beautiful shot of little Jimmy or Janie, demurely posed against a nice healthy birch tree. So to you, I say I am sorry I am offending you, but there’s nothing unique about this shot. Just look in any student’s yearbook and you can find dozens of them. It’s the McDonalds version of the portrait. Cookie cutter, easy to pose, it gives a sometimes awkward teen something to put between them and the photographer. Something to lean on. Most students are not good models, and this is an easy way to get them to do something besides stand there, looking uncomfortably at the camera, while Mom stands off camera and says “Oh smile nice! You have such a nice smile.”

cool senior photos
cool seniot photos

Disclaimer #2: I have done it. Recently. Meredith wanted one as a running joke for her headshot at the local playhouse and I relunctantly agreed after her mother assured me it was a running gag. “Steve-o, it’ll be funny” she said. So, I did what my client wanted. I’ll digress for a minute. Always do what the paying client wants. Mom pays for a senior session, and she wants the birch tree shot, give it her.

This year, one of the seniors on my football team, Austin, asked me to do his senior pics. I said I would be happy to. When asked what he had in mind, I got a twisted teenage face back and he said he had no idea. He said his step dad wanted a Bo Jackson inspired shot, being that Bo and Austin, who goes by Dids, bith are two sport atheletes. He wasn’t sure how to pull off the Bo Jackson thing. I said “Dids, trust me, bud. I will make it cool so both you and Bill (step dad) are happy with the image.” He gave me a long, sizing-me-up kind of look before saying he would do it. Dids met me at the house and we got a whole bunch of killer shots, including the aforementioned Bo jackson inspired photo.

My point in all this? I would hope that folks would hire me as their photographer because they are going to get a unique photo that is unlike anything else in the yearbook. Will I shoot the dreaded birch tree? Sure. The client is always right, so give them what they want. My objective would be to establish my brand as the guy who doesn’t do the birch tree shot. I want to be the guy who took that photo in the yearbook that all the students are jealous of when they turn the page to that shot. You want the jealous gasp when they they turn the page and see your shot for the first time? The “Oh man, that’s so cool!” shot. I am your guy.

cool senior photos

Smoke Bomb Photo Sessions

smoke bomb photography
smoke bomb photo session

In an effort to pull away from the crowd and have something that is unique to my area, I started doing smoke bomb photo sessions. They are a little more labor intensive, as you could imagine. If I hired a make up artist and a hair stylist for my boudoir sessions, smoke bomb sessions require me to add a pyrotechnician to the payroll. It’s his job to make sure the model is bathed in smoke in a manner that is pleasing to the eye, while not blocking the subjects face, or covering the entire area in smoke and making it impossible to shoot. It’s not an easy job, to be sure.

From a technical aspect, they are more work. I will use multiple off camera flashes to light not only the model but the smoke as well. The colored gels will blend in the smoke and give us some very unique shots. No two sessions are alike. Controlling the light is one thing, controlling wind and how the smoke envelopes a model, well, that’s something entirely different.

So, we’ve got some sessions under our belt now, and I am pleased with the results. The sessions are usually a lot of laughs, and the end result tends to be a little more on a sensuous side. Sensual, sensuous, you decide. Either way, the results speak for themselves. Book your session now, before the cold weather makes it less fun to shoot outside.

Season ends at BNHP

I really thought that 2018 might be my final season at Bank of NH Pavilion. I think I have taken just about every image I can of the tailgating, midway, sponsors and facility that you can think of. There's not a lot left for me to add to my portfolio when it comes to artists. Going into my eighth season this summer, I just didn't see a lot of challenges left for me as an artist. I have a lot of other outside interests, and maybe it was time to move on from the venue I've called home for many summers now. 

I worked Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum on July 27th, a show that I said I would never work for personal reasons I am not going to get into. Darius came out with Straight to Hell and I was drawn back to the venue to work, just to see him do this song. So, I managed to get on the roster for the night and Darius and Lady A reminded me why I love it there. It's not about the photography, which I thought it was. It's about the music. it's about the atmosphere of the place itself. The people I work with, the patrons I meet, and the experience of being there.

Damned if it ain't my happy place. 

So, I choked back some emotions and sat there, soaking in the good vibes as Darius went through his new country stuff and his Hootie and the Blowfish hits. (Let you in on a secret? They are the same thing, but don't tell the A&R people.) I watched as a purple heart winner got a new house and engaged on stage, and I remembered why I am there to begin with... 'cause I love it. 

Then, I actually attended a show as a patron with my family. First time since 2009. I was able to show off to my daughter a little bit, and really have a great time enjoying Chris Stapleton. I worked the second night of Stapleton's weekend, my final of the summer. After shooting the first couple songs of his set, I grabbed my new tripod and headed up to the lawn. There was a full moon that night and I thought it might be fun to get a full house shot on a long exposure with the moon rising over the pavilion. 

I set up my tripod and Stapleton says, paraphrasing, "light 'em up so I can see 'em". The crew turned on the front lights right on cue for me and I get what is probably the shot of the summer. The pavilion has it set up on their home page, you can see for yourself! As I sit here, listening to The Traveller, I am already looking forward to 2019. So, if they'll have me back, I will see you all at the show! 

meadowbrook at night

Corporate Branding, here ya go!

So, when Kaela and I did our low key portrait session, I asked her if she'd model my ladies tank top. Being the good sport she is, she jumped at it quickly. 


A little back story first. I did my first boudoir session a number of years ago. My daughter and her friends came over, and naturally, they wanted to see the pictures. So, I set it up so they could view them on the 55" TV. There's a group of her friends that we affectionately refer to as "The Gays". There's three guys that really fall all over Rebecca, and love her a lot. They are great. They've figured out that if you're good to my daughter, I will like you just fine, unlike some of the guys she's dated. 

I digress. 

We got to one particular shot and one of the boys yells "Yaaass Queen!!!" A couple of shots later he's yelling "YAAAS SLAY BITCH!!" These shots are on my website, so it's not like I am speaking out of turn. Anyway, a few months goes by, and I am recapping this story to Kiera, and she's howling with laughter. She says I should use this in marketing somehow. So we get talking about it, and we come up with tank tops for my lady clients, with my hashtag #teamstp, which you have seen on other social media. On the back of my tanks, it says "YAAAS QUEEN". Fun right? 

Back to Kaela. She's modeling the tank for me, and we are busting on each other, and she flips me off. Well, naturally, I love it. To me, this is what I do. I shoot rock stars. I shoot pretty girls, sometimes in their underwear. A big old middle finger is a great corporate image for me. Because when it comes right down to it, everyone wishes they could do it, too. 

And, yes, I have a limited number in inventory for sale. 

Opening Night at the Pavilion

Headed into last night, I really had butterflies going into the season, for the first time in a long time, maybe since my first show back in 2011. I was anxious, bordering on nervous. So I was quite relieved to get to Saturday afternoon and get my 8th season underway. I punched in at "Jack's Shack", and made my way across the venue, just as Mondo Cosmo was starting their sound check. I was tempted to stop and soak it in for a moment, but knowing the deal, and knowing that I'm the veteran photog on staff, there would be no soaking in. I pushed my emotions, which seem to be running pretty close to the surface these days, down and headed to the new location to call home base.


I said hello to the assembled yellow and black shirts, as well and the rest of my Meadowbrook family that was there, and went out to do take some tailgating pics. That was a lot of fun, meeting some new kids, as well as some old friends. It wasn't long before I would be back inside, shooting the show. 

Opening night is always a long night. It's great to catch up with the Meadowbrookers that I haven't seen since last year. Last night was no exception. I started at second stage, shooting the band there, and made my way to the main stage. A half hour later, I was in. If you've never been there, it's maybe 200 yards from the second stage to the main entrance of the pavilion. That gives you and idea how many times I am stopped by old friends to say hello. It's really may favorite show of the season, regardless of who's on stage. 

Speaking of which, headliner Vance Joy put on a nice show, and I have selected a couple of shots that I liked. Rascal Flatts tonight, followed up by Dave Matthews, Poison and Cheap Trick, and the LSD tour with Dwight Yoakam headlining. That's just the first week! Gonna be a fun summer, so I look forward to seeing you there! 

Vance Joy

8th Season at BNHP

Tonight, I will kickoff my 8th (OMG 8th) season at BNHP, or, as I like to call it, The 'Brook. Every year, I look forward to opening night, and this year is no exception. Can't wait to get in there. 

When I tell folks I'm one of the house photogs at BNHP, people always ask me pretty much the same questions. So, here you go: 

  • Is it as much fun as it sounds? Yes, more so. 
  • Do you get to meet the artists? Sometimes, but more often than not, no. 
  • Do you get to go backstage? Rarely, and never to just to hang out. 
  • Do you need an assistant? No, but I will let you know if I do, and you can apply for the job. :)
  • Who is your favorite artist to shoot? 

That last one is the toughest to answer. There's certain artists that I like to shoot because I like the music. (ZBB) There's certain artists I like to shoot because of the type of show, and the party atmosphere (Luke Bryan, FGL) There's still others that I like to shoot from a "people" show. You know what I mean, when the crowd is part of the show. (Pretty Lights, Skrillex) And still there's genres that I like purely from the great photography it provides (anything heavy rock)

Ok, but to answer the question of favorite, it has to be Josh Todd of Buckcherry. The dude has all the swagger of the rock n roll greats like Tyler, Jagger, and Morrison. The thick, chunky guitars of the band take me back to the 80's heydays. And, Todd has all the great ink to shoot. He's easily my #1 favorite. The real question is, who's #2? 


See you at the show! 


Before and After with Kaela

So here's a fun before and after from last weekend's shoot with my friend Kaela. I grabbed her profile pic from one of her social media accounts. The other one is the most dramatic transformation. Many people have said to me that it doesn't even look like her. Mind you, she wore very little makeup for our shoot. A little foundation, mascara, and lip gloss. that's it. The rest is dramatic lighting and editing. 

When I promised her "I'll make you beautiful", this is what I had in mind. I hope you will consider booking your own low key lighting portrait session.

before and after portrait

Low Key Light Portraits With Kaela

With my BNHP season right around the corner, I wanted to take a moment and just shoot for the fun of it. I asked my friend Kaela if she'd be willing to model for me, and to my surprise, she accepted. Kaela has never modeled before, but she's a very pretty young woman, and most importantly, a good friend and a good sport to support me on fairly shot notice. The conversation went: 

Me: Hey what are you doing Saturday? 

Kaela: Nothing. 

Me: Wanna do some photography stuff with me? 

Kaela: No boudoir? 

Me: Nope. 

Kaela: *sighs* I have never done it before. 

Me: I'll make you beautiful. Promise. 

Kaela: *sighs again* Fine. 

So Kaela shows up, with her lunch, outfit changes and, most importantly, an open mind. Kaela does not wear a lot of make up. Ok, more like none. She's really pretty naturally, and, as she would say, not very girly most of the time. She scarfed down her lunch and applied a minimal amount of make up and we went to work. Not before she sent the pre-requisite selfie to her boyfriend, and remarking "Steve-o, I look pretty damn good. I should wear make up more often!" 

My plan was to shoot low key lighting, which is dark and moody, but I really like those type of images. It's the brand I would like to project. My thought is that everyone does off camera flash outside, with plenty of good light. How can I stand out? I think these images really pop, and Kaela looks amazing. For a first time model, she did great. Of course, I may have created a monster, as now she can't wait to shoot again. 

Me too, lil buddy, me too. 

I hope you all enjoy these shots as much as we did producing them. The editing process was almost as much fun as well. 


STP40016 selective color.jpg
low key lighting portrait

Mother's Day with Heather

Back in January, we did a maternity shoot with Heather, a previous boudoir client. (I know right? Not all coincidental!) We thought it would be fun to return to the same exact spot int he spring and duplicate it. you know, new leaves, new baby... new life? It all seemed to fit. Anywho, the shots are here. I am very pleased. Happy Mother's Day everyone! 


STP40222-2 logo.jpg
STP40023 (2) logo.jpg

Nubble, revisited

I took a few minutes today and looked at some shots from last summer, when Angie and I camped in Maine, in order to be at Nubble Light in York for sunrise. I have sold one of these already, but I thought it might be fun to take another pass at these shots. This one in particular I really am pleased with.

It was a strange experience that morning. If you've ever been to Nubble Light, you know you park in the middle, and you can climb down on the rocks on the southern side, facing Long Sands, or on the Northern, facing Short Sands. The temperature difference on either side was stunning. On the northern side, my gear would fog up, but on the southern, I could shoot without any issues. I wanted this shot, behind this little dingy, but by the time I got to it, my lens was fogged up. I never really looked at the shot once I got home. 

Today, I loaded the shot up and edited. I think it's pretty cool. I'll make it available in a white frame, 11x14 print on metallic paper. 


STP40137 logo.jpg

Heather's Maternity Photos

I had the pleasure of shooting Heather when she did a shoot as a gift for her husband, roughly nine months ago. Today, we met again for her maternity shoot. 

Maybe a little more than nine months, ;)

Heather is very beautiful, she's super easy to shoot. She also had a clear vision of what she wanted, and we were on the same page from the word go.  The weather couldn't have been nicer, and a fresh snow fall this week made White's Park in Concord NH very picturesque. It was also nice to finally meet her husband, Cord. 

I love this shot in particular. Pregnancy looks good on Heather. She's a goddess! I love the lighting, it was just about perfect. The bokeh is nice on this one too. Can't wait to hear how much she likes her others. 



Favorite Wedding Moment from 2017

If you asked me "what is your favorite photo from a wedding that doesn't include the bride or the groom, I would say that it's this one, hands down. 

Let me set the stage for you. I'm positioned at the front of the aisle, waiting on each of the bridal party to come down. This adorable little boy and girl were the ring bearer and the flower girl. Now in my head, I am thinking "look up, smile, stay together" as we've all seen the little kids in weddings melt down under the pressure. (which sometimes is a cute photo op, too). These two did not, they crushed it! 

We've also all seen the flower girls take the flower petals and just put them on the ground. I'm looking through my camera, and praying that she is able to be a little more theatrical and throw the petals with a little flair. So I use my jedi powers and think "now look up, smile, and release the petals like you're releasing a little bird or a butterfly." And wouldn't you know it, she does. 


beautiful wedding photo

Dandelion, close up, black and white

It's been a long while since I have written here. To my avid readers, welcome back ;). Coaching football really really dominates my time from August to November, plus I was getting ready for the showing at the Gilford Public Library. Anyway... 

I struggled with this shot for a long time. I don't do a lot of black and white, and even less with a macro. It wasn't until I printed it for the show that I decided that it was worthy. The more I look at it, the more I like it. The Dandelion head is a perfect sphere. The individual seeds pop against the dark head of the flower. The 8x10 print crops the stem a little bit, so the flower is more dominant. I am very proud to put my name on it. 


It is available over on my Buy Prints page. 


East Inlet, Pittsburg NH

East Inlet Pittsburg NH

My wife Angie and I took a day away from our chores the past weekend, opting for a kayaking trip to Pittsburg NH, specifically to kayak the East Inlet. The East Inlet is north of the second Connecticut Lake, not visible from Route 3. It's a pristine body of water. Angie and I had the entire 60 acre pond to ourselves, save for a family of loons, a juvenile bald eagle, and various other waterfowl. 

Before breaking out our kayaks, I spied a doe dining on some long grass or daisies along the roadside. I was able to get the truck turned around and get a couple pics before she had enough of me and headed to the woods. 

Juvenile Bald Eagle

We started our morning paddle observing a family of loons, one parent fished nearby while the other kept a wary eye on me as I paddled to get a good photograph. I kept my distance, and "mum" kept her eye on me and her babies close. Based on what I read over on, I would say they were 4-5 weeks old. I got a couple shots, before moving north. 

Once we paddled north, we spied a large bird of prey fishing, maybe two to three thousand feet away. (He was big). We paddled north quickly, but the bald eagle decided to head south, allowing me a couple shots before he was out of sight. 

Our main quarry for the trip was moose. Needless to say, we saw none. But we did have a great time kayaking this quiet body of water. We both look forward to hitting it again.