8th Season at BNHP

Tonight, I will kickoff my 8th (OMG 8th) season at BNHP, or, as I like to call it, The 'Brook. Every year, I look forward to opening night, and this year is no exception. Can't wait to get in there. 

When I tell folks I'm one of the house photogs at BNHP, people always ask me pretty much the same questions. So, here you go: 

  • Is it as much fun as it sounds? Yes, more so. 
  • Do you get to meet the artists? Sometimes, but more often than not, no. 
  • Do you get to go backstage? Rarely, and never to just to hang out. 
  • Do you need an assistant? No, but I will let you know if I do, and you can apply for the job. :)
  • Who is your favorite artist to shoot? 

That last one is the toughest to answer. There's certain artists that I like to shoot because I like the music. (ZBB) There's certain artists I like to shoot because of the type of show, and the party atmosphere (Luke Bryan, FGL) There's still others that I like to shoot from a "people" show. You know what I mean, when the crowd is part of the show. (Pretty Lights, Skrillex) And still there's genres that I like purely from the great photography it provides (anything heavy rock)

Ok, but to answer the question of favorite, it has to be Josh Todd of Buckcherry. The dude has all the swagger of the rock n roll greats like Tyler, Jagger, and Morrison. The thick, chunky guitars of the band take me back to the 80's heydays. And, Todd has all the great ink to shoot. He's easily my #1 favorite. The real question is, who's #2? 


See you at the show!