East Inlet, Pittsburg NH

East Inlet Pittsburg NH

My wife Angie and I took a day away from our chores the past weekend, opting for a kayaking trip to Pittsburg NH, specifically to kayak the East Inlet. The East Inlet is north of the second Connecticut Lake, not visible from Route 3. It's a pristine body of water. Angie and I had the entire 60 acre pond to ourselves, save for a family of loons, a juvenile bald eagle, and various other waterfowl. 

Before breaking out our kayaks, I spied a doe dining on some long grass or daisies along the roadside. I was able to get the truck turned around and get a couple pics before she had enough of me and headed to the woods. 

Juvenile Bald Eagle

We started our morning paddle observing a family of loons, one parent fished nearby while the other kept a wary eye on me as I paddled to get a good photograph. I kept my distance, and "mum" kept her eye on me and her babies close. Based on what I read over on loon.org, I would say they were 4-5 weeks old. I got a couple shots, before moving north. 

Once we paddled north, we spied a large bird of prey fishing, maybe two to three thousand feet away. (He was big). We paddled north quickly, but the bald eagle decided to head south, allowing me a couple shots before he was out of sight. 

Our main quarry for the trip was moose. Needless to say, we saw none. But we did have a great time kayaking this quiet body of water. We both look forward to hitting it again.