Latest Boudoir Shoot: The Many Faces of Jessica

I recently had another opportunity to shoot my gorgeous friend Jessica, for her second boudoir session. We have a great relationship, and I feel that shows in the images. She's a great deal of fun, and we are both very comfortable talking openly about what we each have in mind for ideas. Jess is one of my first clients, and to have the opportunity to shoot her again was a real treat. I think she made the most of it for sure! 

I will be posting more of her later on this summer as I refresh my boudoir page a little, but I at least wanted to share this with you folks. We had been shooting for a couple of hours, and I think Jess kind of hit a wall. We started teasing each other a bit, and she made these goofy faces, cracking herself up as she did. Yeah, ok, me too, along with all those present.  It certainly helped to share a laugh, each of these made a great image, and together, they really tell a story of our time together. I think these really capture Jess when she's the most beautiful. Not trying to be sultry or sexy, although she certainly can be that. This, to me anyway, is more of who Jessica is. Pretty, funny, and full of personality.