Super Bowl LI Thoughts

Like many of you, I'm at a loss for words to describe last night's game. Over used superlatives like "unbelievable" get thrown around on things that are very much believable. How's that sandwich? Unbelievable. How was the movie? Unbelievable. 

This truly was unbelievable. 

Tom Brady removed any doubt who the best QB in the history of the NFL is. The debate is for second on down. He's got ice in his veins, and he proved it, yet again, when it mattered most, at the highest level, on the brightest stage. It's just crazy. Pats fans should feel honored to have The GOAT as your QB. Never mind what Roger Goodell says, never mind the Marshall Faulks of the world that want to believe a couple pounds of air make the difference in Brady's game. Tom Brady will go down as perhaps the greatest football player in the history of the NFL. He's going to be mentioned in the same breath as Gretzky, Jordan, Woods, and Ruth. 

Bill Belichick also cemented his position as the greatest coach in the free agent era of the NFL., and arguably the greatest ever. here are those that will argue he's behind Vince Lombardi. He's 13 wins behind Tom Landry for third all time. He's the winningest coach in Super Bowl history. Most rings, most post season wins, most cut up sweatshirts, blah blah blah. The guy dominates like no other. He makes other coaches blink and out think themselves, witness Shanahan's propensity to eschew the run UP BUY 2 SCORES in the fourth! He played chicken with Pete Carroll in Super Bowl XKIX and Pete blinked. He outthought Mike Martz in Super Bowl XXXVIII. He outwit, outplays and outlasts everyone. In an era designed for parity, he thumbs his nose at the league and delivers wins consistently. He's singularly driven, and he's already on to 2017.

Tom Brady comes off the field after The Patriots defeated the Bengals in 2010. 

Tom Brady comes off the field after The Patriots defeated the Bengals in 2010. 

That answers the questions about legacies, but what about the game?

I hated the first three and half quarters, save for Gaga, who crushed her halftime performance. I hated the game plan, the defense, the play calling. and the commercials. There was too much emphasis on vertical passing, and against a fast, aggressive Atalanta D, I thought that sucked. I much preferred to see them dink and dunk their way down the field, instead of trying to stretch the field. But Tom Brady once again became TFB and the Pats prevailed.

Other random thoughts:

  • Julio Jones is a beast. Atlanta should have targeted him more than the four times they did. A coworker said to me today "Can you imagine if he played in Foxboro?" Yeah, I can. We would have won the Super Bowl. ;) 
  •  I totally underestimated the the Falcons running game. If Shanahan ran the ball more, the outcome would have been different. 
  • Speaking of which... Julio Jones made that unreal catch, and you continue to pass against the Pats? Good move. Run, run, run,. field goal, game over. 
  • The Atlanta defense is the real deal too, but they are young. It will be interesting to see how they recover next season. 
  • I woke up this morning with Jack Buck echoing in my head. Still can't believe what I saw. 
  • I think we can put the "Goodell hates us" story line to bed. We are on to 2017.