Bald Eagle

Some of you follow me on social media know that I have been "hunting" a couple different nesting pairs of Bald Eagle. A co-worker had been scouting locations for me, and came up with the best lead yet. Bald Eagles have been visiting the local fish hatchery with semi regularity. The actual report was that they were coming every day until the recent thaw. We had seen cell phone pictures of the nesting pair and a juvenile, as recent as Friday, so we were very optimistic. My friend and I made a plan to meet up early today to hopefully see some eagles. 

NH Bald Eagle passes overhead

NH Bald Eagle passes overhead

We met up Sunday morning and headed to the hatchery. After a few hours, we decided to move on with Sunday plans and quit for the day. I headed over to my in-laws sap house to check on that operation, before my wife and I headed home. 

I decided to drive through the hatchery on the way home for a quick look. Maybe five minutes passed when a lone adult appeared in the distance. The eagle made a high pass over the hatchery before heading west toward the Pemigewasett River. We hung out for a bit to see if it returned, but there would be no such luck. 

I did manage to get the one nice shot.