Smoke Bomb Photo Sessions

smoke bomb photography
smoke bomb photo session

In an effort to pull away from the crowd and have something that is unique to my area, I started doing smoke bomb photo sessions. They are a little more labor intensive, as you could imagine. If I hired a make up artist and a hair stylist for my boudoir sessions, smoke bomb sessions require me to add a pyrotechnician to the payroll. It’s his job to make sure the model is bathed in smoke in a manner that is pleasing to the eye, while not blocking the subjects face, or covering the entire area in smoke and making it impossible to shoot. It’s not an easy job, to be sure.

From a technical aspect, they are more work. I will use multiple off camera flashes to light not only the model but the smoke as well. The colored gels will blend in the smoke and give us some very unique shots. No two sessions are alike. Controlling the light is one thing, controlling wind and how the smoke envelopes a model, well, that’s something entirely different.

So, we’ve got some sessions under our belt now, and I am pleased with the results. The sessions are usually a lot of laughs, and the end result tends to be a little more on a sensuous side. Sensual, sensuous, you decide. Either way, the results speak for themselves. Book your session now, before the cold weather makes it less fun to shoot outside.