Low Key Light Portraits With Kaela

With my BNHP season right around the corner, I wanted to take a moment and just shoot for the fun of it. I asked my friend Kaela if she'd be willing to model for me, and to my surprise, she accepted. Kaela has never modeled before, but she's a very pretty young woman, and most importantly, a good friend and a good sport to support me on fairly shot notice. The conversation went: 

Me: Hey what are you doing Saturday? 

Kaela: Nothing. 

Me: Wanna do some photography stuff with me? 

Kaela: No boudoir? 

Me: Nope. 

Kaela: *sighs* I have never done it before. 

Me: I'll make you beautiful. Promise. 

Kaela: *sighs again* Fine. 

So Kaela shows up, with her lunch, outfit changes and, most importantly, an open mind. Kaela does not wear a lot of make up. Ok, more like none. She's really pretty naturally, and, as she would say, not very girly most of the time. She scarfed down her lunch and applied a minimal amount of make up and we went to work. Not before she sent the pre-requisite selfie to her boyfriend, and remarking "Steve-o, I look pretty damn good. I should wear make up more often!" 

My plan was to shoot low key lighting, which is dark and moody, but I really like those type of images. It's the brand I would like to project. My thought is that everyone does off camera flash outside, with plenty of good light. How can I stand out? I think these images really pop, and Kaela looks amazing. For a first time model, she did great. Of course, I may have created a monster, as now she can't wait to shoot again. 

Me too, lil buddy, me too. 

I hope you all enjoy these shots as much as we did producing them. The editing process was almost as much fun as well. 


STP40016 selective color.jpg
low key lighting portrait