Nubble, revisited

I took a few minutes today and looked at some shots from last summer, when Angie and I camped in Maine, in order to be at Nubble Light in York for sunrise. I have sold one of these already, but I thought it might be fun to take another pass at these shots. This one in particular I really am pleased with.

It was a strange experience that morning. If you've ever been to Nubble Light, you know you park in the middle, and you can climb down on the rocks on the southern side, facing Long Sands, or on the Northern, facing Short Sands. The temperature difference on either side was stunning. On the northern side, my gear would fog up, but on the southern, I could shoot without any issues. I wanted this shot, behind this little dingy, but by the time I got to it, my lens was fogged up. I never really looked at the shot once I got home. 

Today, I loaded the shot up and edited. I think it's pretty cool. I'll make it available in a white frame, 11x14 print on metallic paper. 


STP40137 logo.jpg