Kaela and the Angel of Music

My friend Kaela recently gave her notice at work. I was very disappointed. She’s very good at what she does. She’s a pit bull that takes no sh*t from anyone. She was my right hand at work and I think her size 7s will be very hard to fill.

So two or three days after she gave her notice, Kaela sits at my desk, with that sh*t-eatin’ grin on her face. “So Steve-o…” she says. I can read my friend Kaela like a book, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out what she wanted. I took a shot.

“Let me guess. Now that we aren’t working together, you wanna shoot something sexier?”

She grinned and wants to talk about dates on the calendar. Fast forward to a recent shoot. After shooting some boudoir, my wife Angie has the great vision to put Kaela on our piano, scantily clad, and take some low key lighting shots.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I edit up a couple pics, but I don’t post them. Mind you, I love them. I think they are the nicest images I have ever shot. Ever. I am grateful to my team for helping me produce these wonderful works of art, but I don’t share them. Instead, I am hanging on to them like they are gold. Like the winning Mega Millions ticket. After talking to a couple other photographers, I decide that I am not going to generate any business if I am hanging on to these on not letting anyone see them, so, reluctantly, I am sharing my babies with the world.

I am talking to my daughter, who is in Florida, and I share the Piano Pictures, as I have taken to calling them. She’s blown away. She says “Dad, she’s like the angel of music. You know, from Phantom of The Opera?”

Mind Blown. Kaela is the Angel of Music.

So, with that, I proudly give you the first in a series titled “Angel of Music".