Favorite Wedding Moment from 2017

If you asked me "what is your favorite photo from a wedding that doesn't include the bride or the groom, I would say that it's this one, hands down. 

Let me set the stage for you. I'm positioned at the front of the aisle, waiting on each of the bridal party to come down. This adorable little boy and girl were the ring bearer and the flower girl. Now in my head, I am thinking "look up, smile, stay together" as we've all seen the little kids in weddings melt down under the pressure. (which sometimes is a cute photo op, too). These two did not, they crushed it! 

We've also all seen the flower girls take the flower petals and just put them on the ground. I'm looking through my camera, and praying that she is able to be a little more theatrical and throw the petals with a little flair. So I use my jedi powers and think "now look up, smile, and release the petals like you're releasing a little bird or a butterfly." And wouldn't you know it, she does. 


beautiful wedding photo