Local models crush it!

As I have kicked off my website and delved into boudoir, I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of local models with varying levels of experience. A couple of them are very experienced, and make a decent income modeling. 

One of the ladies I have had the pleasure of working with is Kiera Tuttle. Kiera models under the name Nikki J Modeling.  I have found her to be professional, easy to work with, eager to help me get a great shot, and, perhaps most importantly, she's a flippin' riot! Kiera has been a big help to me, steering clients my way, giving me feedback on shots, and as well as being a kick-ass makeup assistant. 

This shot is one that we have come to call "400", as it's camera assigned file name ended in 400. It was the first time I tried using colored gels. When we reviewed her session, this particular shot was met with a collective gasp from everyone in the room. 

Kiera absolutely crushed this session. This shot in particular, she's gorgeous. Make no mistake, Kiera is not a typical waif runway model. She's a real woman, with real curves. When I think of boudoir, and loving your own skin, and proving that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, this is the type of shot I hope to capture for all my clients. I hope you like it. 

curvy girl boudoir