Turkey Scouting with Gene

My friend Gene and I went a little more bird watching today, scouting for turkeys for the upcoming season. I will tell you, Gene knows his wildlife. He knows where these birds are, he knows where the deer, moose, elk, caribou, hell he probably knows where bigfoot is.

So Gene takes me to a spot, not for from the bald eagle spot, where he thinks the turkeys will be. Sure enough, they are right where he said they'd be. They were a little far away, so we opted to stay in the truck and drive around for a while, instead of trudging through the fresh snow. 

We ran into a couple flocks, a lone jake, that looked like he could stand to eat, more horses than I have seen of late, and a big ol' fat pig. No bald eagles today, however. 

Good way to start my Sunday. 

Wild Turkeys in NH