My Beautiful Wife

As much as I have tried, boudoir is not my wife's thing. That's fine, I completely understand, it's not for everyone. She did agree to let me photographer her, clothed, in a boudoir style shoot. An aside, one of the answers on my boudoir questionnaire is "I'd wear a sweater and a turtleneck if I could." I digress. I would say that here are people who would probably classify this is as not boudoir, but lifestyle. What it's called, to me anyway, is irrelevant. I do know it's lit in what we call "low key" and that is much more of my preferred style than "high key". 

Anyway, my beautiful wife of 25 years and counting agreed to let me shoot her, and this one I like. I am sure that some of you won't love my dark and moody style. Others may think it's great. To each his own. I hope you like it. 


low key portrait