Great Grey Owl in Newport NH

This morning, I had the opportunity to go on my first "owl prowl" with fellow photog Drew Hines. We left at the crack of "oh my God it's early" this morning. Did I mention it was cold? Oh My God. It was about 2 degrees above with a stiff wind. It was a bit chilly. Anyway, Drew knew right where to go to find this rare and endangered owl. He was right on the money. 

We were at the destination in Newport for about 2 minutes when our feathered friend made his appearance. He sat atop a fence post or two, seemingly oblivious to the cold that in mere minutes had me chilled to the bone.  Got two shots I really liked, which you can see here. 

What I didn't know is this Great Grey Owl is a big deal. Before we were done, there were 16 photogs in this field shooting the owl. There was a lot of high end glass in that field, let me tell you. Drew and I finally succumbed to the cold and headed to the car after about an hour or so. 

I will have the prints available soon, so stay tuned.