Ambassador Program Details 

.First of all, thank you for your interest. I hope this program is a good fit for you. Here's how it works: 

You send in referrals who buy shoots. Once the total of the referrals sent in reach the Champagne level, ($750) you've earned your own Chardonnay level (2 hour, $500 value) boudoir shoot. That's a full service shoot, complete with hair and make up.

Some fine print. I know, there's always a catch. Any shoot you take part in doesn't count. So Ladies Nights don't qualify. 

Any business I've already booked doesn't count. I can't give you credit for a referral that i already have scheduled.   

Your session fee is waived, but any merchandise you want is still at your expense. There's no earned merchandise credit. 

If you're good with this, send me an email back and let me know these terms are ok. I'll send you the link to our questionnaire and we can start planning your shoot.